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Mobility in Business

The Role of ICT for Business Mobility

By Fathi AlRiyami

Technology supports mobility and virtual attendance that enable a person who is on-the-go to participate in activities such as meetings and conferences. This can be done from the comfort of their office, during their travels in places such as the airport, taxi, and hotel, or their home. International virtual events can also be planned, organized and held, thus providing a wider audience outreach. Additional online activities for the mobile individual include attending professional development events, developing one’s knowledge and skill sets online courses, viewing and purchasing products, and arranging services.


Other advantages of mobility and ubiquitous access are many. Using technology it is possible to make educated and timely decisions based on current information feeds. This information can be used by an individual or processed and shared in real-time with a team. By taking advantage of technology it is possible to develop on-demand self-paced learning processes and methodologies that have been proven to be effective for learners, consumers and businesses. Technological advancements have enhanced mobility’s role and importance in such areas as virtual services, online educational tools, e-government, blogs, social media, and e-books. The number of people searching online for commodities such as flights, hotel rooms, real estate, cars, household products, and electronics is increasing as consumers continue to rely upon accessing information and making purchases while they are on the move. ICT can now be used for business purposes such as but not limited to service delivery, customer support, product review and enhancement, and business continuity.

Reflection Point: There are three major issues now that are becoming important, not only for cities, but for all mankind: mobility, sustainability – which is linked to mobility – and social diversity. ~ Jamie Lerner


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