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Entrepreneurship & Technology

Entrepreneurship & Technology

Working on the pioneering edge of business and technology means that new inspirations and opportunities are forever leading to the creation of new ideas and products. To develop these innovative solutions and to be able to capture a share of a target market requires an effective combination of both technological and entrepreneurial skill sets. Acquiring these abilities will enable the entrepreneur to identify potential business prospects, attain necessary financial resources, retain dependable partnersentrepreneurship and employees, inspire colleagues, make solid and decisive choices, develop a winning business model and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Successfully merging technology with entrepreneurship is not all about personal gain, but also involves the need to address professional and social responsibility. Adopting this belief requires an industry leader to be dependable and empowering, thus developing trust, respect and a positive image. Additionally, someone practicing entrepreneurship should be capable of crafting long term technology and operational plans that have positive impacts on society.

Entrepreneurs should remember that opportunities can be found in existing markets as well as in new markets that are currently untapped. Technology is a means to monitor and stay abreast of trends and needs in both of these areas. Successful implementation of technology should be guided by the idea that a technology is used because it addresses a specific need or problem rather than because it is the current trend or fad. Sustainability that leads to long term value is crucial in the selection of technology.

Examples of the entrepreneurship technology uses:
• Create memorable experiences
• Reach untapped business resources
• Use innovative strategies to gain market leadership
• Receive global exposure and participation
• Implement interactive technologies that engage potential clients and users.
• Support development of young entrepreneurs who have new technical awareness and skills

Reflection Point – What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done. ~Tim O’Reilly

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