What We Do

Academic Solutions

Our staff has a depth of skills and knowledge in developing and implementing learning solutions, whether for private schools, higher education institutions or K-12 schools.

Business / Corporate Solutions

We have many years of experience working with clients' needs, including employee performance improvement, talent development, leadership development and HSE training.

Government / Public Solutions

The CST team has extensive familiarity and insight working with clients in areas such as the arts, tourism, road safety, government projects and public awareness.

We provide the following:

Talent Development, Training and Education 

Imagine the advantages of having employees or learners who are motivated to gain the skills and knowledge that are required to be productive or successful. How do you get there?

CST's winning team of experts knock out the challenges that are by assessing needs and developing custom learning programs. Based upon years of combined practice, theory, and innovation, a learning culture is created where participants feel supported, empowered, encouraged, engaged, and appreciated. Whether for consumer awareness, a professional development session, an extended workshop series or ongoing staff training, CST offers effective in-person, online, and blended solutions.

Digital Designs 

Do you want your business to rock? Our team creates out-of-this-world digital offerings such as virtual environments, 3D models, simulations, digital product prototypes, architectural design experiences, and 3D visualization that will leave you and your clients engaged and wanting more. These can be made available as a standalone program that runs on a digital device or an available online experience with enhanced with interactive capabilities.

Using the Oculus Rift head-mounted virtual reality display system, CST can develop digital creations that can be experienced in a completely new way. This affordable and innovative technology uses advanced head tracking capabilities that offers you an unforgettable experience within a 3D virtual setting or viewing a 3D virtual model. This offers previously unavailable capabilities for areas such as product design, architectural rendering, entertainment, education, tourism, and planning.

Professional Social Media 

If someone searches for your business category, products or services, do you want them to find your company on search page ten? Today, if you’re not readily visible and available globally, chances are your business or corporation will soon fall behind. CST’s goal is to improve search engine rankings and global awareness by enhancing your company’s online presence using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and effective corporate use of social media. International dialogue is developed, forming contacts and consumer groups as well as communities of interest, practice, and support. This allows an expanded availability of ideas, products, services, talent pools, activities, and events, regardless of most political, economic and geographic borders.