Oman Broadband

Oman Broadband

CST was commissioned to develop an interactive solution that facilitated information to enhance visitors and  new joiners with the rolls and functionality of Oman Broadband’s network and services within Oman

Oman Gas Company (OGC)

CST provided an innovative solution to OGC  for OGWA exhibition by producing a virtual reality mobile app and using Google cardboard that was  branded as OGS.  Users had the ability to view, interact with 3D models design and engage with the virtual environments.

Virtual Reality – Oculus Rift

For the Oman Ministry of Tourism, CST developed a custom 3D virtual reality simulation of the popular Wadi Ban Khalid national recreation area for marketing and educational purposes. The Oculus Rift is a consumer-targeted virtual reality head-mounted display system that connects to a laptop or personal computer. It’s expected to be released in final version near the end of 2014.

Virtual Learning Environment and Video

NACA commissioned a CST virtual environment to develop public knowledge concerning its services and their Mobile Mammogram Unit. To do this, CST designed and built a learning simulation that replicated the real environment and presented interactive information. Additionally, CST created a related educational video.


Virtual Medical Center Learning Simulation

This involved creating a complex 3D architectural model and learning environment that enabled potential clients to role play and learn about the facilities and procedures. Included in this virtual center are educational displays and literature as well as informative interactive 3D models of medical technologies, visiting and treatment rooms.


Business Promotion

When NewLife Healthcare LLC opened a new office and expanded its operations into Oman, CST provided an innovative, yet affordable on-demand means of marketing NewLife’s services. This was done by designing 3D models, using advanced digital video techniques, and leveraging corporate social media and SEO.


Virtual Learning Environment

A large-scale web-based interactive 3D virtual teaching and learning environment was developed and maintained for the North Carolina Community College System´s Technology Center. For four years this dynamic space was available to the 21,000+ faculty and 800,000+ students from the state´s 58 colleges. This online avatar-based environment consisted of a variety of engaging learning settings that include spaces for presentations, discussions, interactive learning sessions, team development and learning, simulations and role-play.

Professional Development and Training

A professional development certification series consisting of 12 unique session topics was created and offered on multiple occasions to instructors of the 58 community colleges in the state-wide North Carolina system. The sessions were held within the virtual learning environment described previously. The objective of the series was to prepare instructors with the skills, tools and learning theory and practice that they needed to provide effective teaching and learning within a 3D interactive virtual environment.