Fathi Al-Riyami

Fathi Al-Riyami

Fathi is a global business leader with over 18 years IT  services experience in the US and in entrepreneurial practices, strategic business development, technology implementation and team leadership. Fathi offers customized digital designs, 3D virtual environments, integration learning solutions and corporate social media. In addition, he has global experience in developing creative, innovative world class new media solutions and has built a positive reputation with satisfied clients in the USA, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. On any given day, you will find Fathi working in various capacities throughout project lifespans, whether directly participating in CST team processes or in meetings to assess clients needs. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology.

Dr. Phylis Johnson

Phylis Johnson, PhD, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, is Professor and Director of Journalism and Mass Communications at San Jose State University, and Emeritus Professor of Sound & New Media in the College of Mass Communication & Media Arts at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. She is the co-founder and co-editor of Resonance: The Journal of Sound and Culture (University of California Press), and former editor Soundscape: The Journal of Acoustic Ecology and The Journal of Radio and Audio Media.  She is also the long-standing arts & technology reviews editor for the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds (Bangor, UK).  She has authored five books in media studies and numerous research chapters and journal articles, primarily addressing trends in emerging media and technologies, particularly virtual and mixed reality.  Dr. Johnson often writes on the future of media, drawing from her more than 20 years of concurrent experience as a professor of media and as well as industry work in professional media programming and management.  She is under contract with IGI Global for her latest book, “Redefining Journalism in an Age of Technological Advancements, Changing Demographics, and Social Issues.”

Ray Gutierrez

Born in Silicon Valley, San Jose California, Ray is an award-winning writer and director. He is a 2019 graduated with honors from U.C. Santa Cruz in Film and Digital Media. In 2018 he achieved praise from the U.C. system earning state recognition for his efforts and documentary he directed overseas; labeled a citizen of the world, particularly for his international collaborative work in social media awareness for the differently-abed as well as social injustice for crimes against humanity. He was also chosen and participated in an exchange program for prestigious business school of Thammasat University where he studied international business strategy in Bangkok Thailand. He has directed films all over the world including Sweden, India and Thailand. His screenplay “The Lucid Dream of Eric Butterworth” was nominated for best screenplay at the Beverley Hills Film festival leading to a meeting with the Weinstein Company and Lions Gate. He is currently working with Award winning m2films on his children animation series for PBS focusing on social tolerance and science. In addition to that he has two books coming out 2021and 2022 based on historic figures.

Tomoko Kojima

Tomoko guides global branding, graphic designs, events, and customer relations.  Having been employed in both Asia and the Middle East as an international branding agent, she has developed her skills and talents while developing solutions for companies such as Rolex Japan, Johnson & Johnson and government entities. She has studied Economics in Tokyo and Visual Communications in Los Angeles.